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Definition of Unethical Behaviour

Unethical behaviour is behaviour that breaches both the Company's Code of Conduct, and the general notion of morally correct behaviour. You may turn to the ET-LINK management with any issue that threatens yourself, your work, colleagues, superiors or the day-to-day running of the Company.

Forms of unethical behaviour:

  • direct breach of the laws of the Czech Republic
  • suspected corrupt conduct
  • psychological or physical abuse on the part of other employees
  • bossing, ignorance, punishments
  • sexual harassment
  • work performance-related threats
  • personal safety violations
  • occupational safety violation
  • employment issues (wage fairness, working hours, promotion, premiums, business travel)
  • intentional actions aimed at impairing the Group or Company's goodwill
  • violation of economic competition rules
  • embezzlement, appropriating co-workers' ideas
  • abuse of powers
  • theft of the Company's or private property
  • misuse of the Company's assets
  • financial fraud
  • falsification of contracts
  • taking bribes
  • wasteful and non-ecological behaviour
  • defamation and dissemination of false information, intrigues
  • disclosure of confidential information