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“Tradition is the Future” – that is our motto, and it inspires us and drives us forward every day. CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is a holding company that brings together a number of manufacturing and trading companies specializing in both military and civilian production and based mainly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are proud of our traditional values, so it is of the utmost importance for us not only to be worthy bearers of the brand MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA, but also to preserve the Czech and Slovak industrial tradition for future generations.

Our committed employees are dedicated to upholding this proud tradition, and thanks to their skills and hard work we have been able to revive several traditional Czech and Slovak brands and empower them to prosper once again. We have immense respect for our employees and their work, and their satisfaction is a key priority for us.

As CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP continues to expand the scope of its activities, it is essential to uphold the Group’s excellent reputation – not only through the dedication and integrity of our employees, but also by creating a healthy corporate culture based on complete transparency and full compliance with all legislation and applicable standards.

This Code of Ethics forms the foundation for the entire Group’s compliance programme. It applies across the entire workforce – everybody, whatever their position or level of management, is obliged to follow the Code at all times.

Michal Strnad
Chief Executive Officer