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The Black Hawk helped with timber extraction in the Broumov region

During timber extraction in inaccessible terrain, helicopters are an invaluable helper. At the end of January, foresters in the Broumov region had this confirmed when the legendary Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, operated by Heli Company, a subsidiary of the Slovak Training Academy from the CSG Aerospace division, came to assist.
The base was the village of Slavný, from where the helicopter took off to the nearby Hájkova gorge, where a team of riggers and technicians attached felled trunks to a cable, which the Black Hawk then transported to a place where they could be taken for further processing.
During the whole day of work, several hundred cubic meters of wood were transported from the inaccessible rocky forest terrain, which would not have been able to be extracted from the Hájkova gorge any other way. The collaboration of the technicians, riggers, and pilots was exemplary, as evidenced by the photographs and the video taken on site.
The day after the forest intervention, Heli Company demonstrated its skills in front of inspectors from the Civil Aviation Authority. They noted that all work performed by the team was in accordance with EASA procedures. This presentation opens up possibilities for Heli Company's further involvement in logging activities, but also, for example, in case of a need for fire fighting.
We all remember last year's forest fire in Bohemian Switzerland, where a MI-8 helicopter assisted in extinguishing the fire, provided to the firefighters by the Czechoslovak Group, complete with a crew. If a similar uncontrolled wildfire occurs in the future, the legendary Black Hawk could also be deployed for firefighting.

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