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Dakar 2023 through the eyes of Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing

Another, already 45th edition of the Dakar Rally is over. On 15th of January, the racing teams completed the last 14th stage of the prestigious race. This year also brought interesting placements for the Roudnice team Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing, whose partners are Tatra Trucks and companies of the Czechoslovak Group holding. All  team Tatras and the Tatra T815 Puma special reached the finish line of the 45th Dakar Rally.
In the last stage of the race in Saudi Arabia, all crews of the Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing team placed in the top ten in the truck category. The crew of Jaroslav Valtr with their Tatra Phoenix took 3rd place and finished 5th in the overall ranking. Right behind the crew of Jaroslav Valtr, the crew of Martin Šoltys ranked 6th in the overall ranking, in the last stage the crew finished, with the  Tatra T815 truck, on the 10th place. The third truck of the Roudnice stable with the Slovak pilot Robert Kasák at the wheel reached the 9th place in the final stage, his best in this year's Dakar. In the overall ranking, his crew ranks 16th. Another representative of the Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing team, Slovak Radovan Kazarka with a historical racing special Tatra T815 Puma, took bronze place with his colleagues in the cabin in the overall ranking in the Dakar Classic category.
The pilots of the Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing team agreed that this year's  Dakar Rally was clearly one of the most difficult and longest in history. The more there is a good mood in the Roudnice team from the completion of the whole race. It is also interesting that all the trucks that the Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing team dispatched to Dakar 2023 used biofuel during the races. 

In addition to the racing Tatras in the colors of Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing, the 45th Dakar Rally also featured the classic Tatra T815. Behind the wheel sat none other than racing legend – Tomáš Tomeček. At the Dakar, Tomáš Tomeček presented himself as a quick assist of the South Racing Can-Am team.

Congratulations to all representatives of Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing for their results!

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