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The company Excalibur Army was visited by Prime Minister Petr Fiala

On Monday, January 9, the owner of the Czechoslovak Group holding Michal Strnad and representatives of the Excalibur Army company welcomed Prime Minister Petr Fiala together with the Czech government delegation at the company headquarters in Šternberk. The Prime Minister visited the company as part of its trip through Olomouc region.
In addition to Prime Minister Petr Fiala, the head of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic Jana Kotalíková, the first deputy of the Ministry of Defense František Šulc and the adviser for national security Tomáš Pojar will also participate in the visit. Guests first learned about the history and present of Excalibur Army during a presentation in its modern development center. After that, Prime Minister Fiala and his entourage could see in front of one of the production halls a demonstration of the military equipment that is currently being developed or produced in the Excalibur Army. In the presence of journalists, Petr Fiala together with the owner of the Czechoslovak Group holding Michal Strnad christened the new product in the Excalibur Army portfolio – the Treva-30 tactical recovery and evacuation vehicle on the Tatra chassis. Also on display was the BM-21MT rocket launcher and, above all, the modern DITA and MORANA howitzers equipped with 155 mm caliber guns, which fully correspond to NATO standards.
After that, the representatives of the media took part and moved to one of the production halls, where the T-72EA tanks intended for the armed forces of Ukraine are being assembled. This contract is jointly financed by the governments of the USA and the Netherlands with the support of the Czech government. The Prime Minister gave a speech and answered questions of journalists in front of one of the completed tanks. Among other things, he also said: "Military aid on a commercial basis today makes up the majority of supplies to Ukraine. That's why I decided to visit Czech companies that operate in this area, the first being the company Excalibur Army, which is involved in the international project to modernize T-72 tanks for Ukraine. The quick reaction and the increase in the business capacities of Czech companies clearly show that the agile defense industry is a key element for security. The involvement of industry benefits the Czech economy, as production continues to increase, and qualified jobs are created." Finally, on the barrel of the mentioned tank, the Prime Minister wrote a message to the Ukrainian soldiers – To the brave defenders of Ukraine, the Czech Republic and added his signature.

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