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Pocket Virtuality, a company focused on the use of augmented and virtual reality in industry, has become part of CSG

The Czech-based industrial and technological holding company, Czechoslovak Group (CSG), has acquired the startup technology company, Pocket Virtuality. Pocket Virtuality develops distinctive solutions utilizing augmented and virtual reality. These solutions can be employed for purposes such as remote technical assistance, design of industrial systems, residential projects, and exhibitions. CSG acquired 70% of the company's shares from Touzimsky Kapital Holding. Within CSG, Pocket Virtuality operates as part of the CSG Aerospace division.

Bohuslav Paule, a member of the board of directors of Pocket Virtuality, stated, "Securing a large industrial holding company with global projects as a strategic partner and investor represents a significant opportunity and advancement for us. Within the CSG holding, we can leverage our expertise in areas like the design of new production capacities, remote maintenance of machinery, staff training, and presentations at international exhibitions. We anticipate a collaborative approach from the holding companies and assistance in refining our products to achieve industry-leading standards for global use."

Prof. Bohuslav Přikryl, Vice President for Research, Development, and Innovation at CSG Aerospace and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pocket Virtuality, shared his thoughts on the acquisition: "A key aspect of CSG's strategy involves harnessing groundbreaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, robotic and autonomous systems, advanced sensor systems, and augmented and virtual reality. We aim to integrate solutions from Pocket Virtuality within our holding and extend them to other clients. This includes remote support for maintaining specialized equipment in distant locations, systems for training staff under specific conditions, and tools to enhance situational awareness."

Established in 2017, Pocket Virtuality was the brainchild of a group of passionate young developers who sought to apply augmented reality technology to tangible solutions across various sectors: manufacturing, construction, architecture, healthcare, education, defense, and automotive. Their efforts culminated in the creation of the unique software platform, FATA MORGANA, in the realm of mixed reality (AR - augmented reality and VR - virtual reality). This system, among other features, enables the visualization of any 3D data in space, such as machinery, devices, or buildings. It can also generate and showcase AR work instructions, process workflows, and scan surroundings in real-time to produce 3D models within minutes. Leveraging the technology of "virtual teleportation," individuals and machines can collaborate within the same 3D environment, even when separated by vast distances.

With its headquarters in Prague, Pocket Virtuality primarily consists of a software development team. The company has successfully executed several commercial projects for clients in the automotive and energy sectors.

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