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CSG financially supported the Czech Technical University in Prague in the fight against COVID-19

The Czech-Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce organized a campaign to support the fight against COVID-19 and gave the financial contribution to the Czech Technical University in Prague. The CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP has been among the donors. The funds will be used to support the production of improvised full-face masks for physicians. However, CTU has been participating in the masks production within the Covid19cz initiative.

A total of CZK 607,000 were collected, and the money was handed over to the representatives of the Czech Technical University in Prague on June, 11. In addition to CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP, a number of other important companies such as Česká spořitelna and Císař, Češka, Smutný law firm and others have been among the donors.

This year, the Czech-Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce has decided to donate to CTU the contributions from sponsors who annually support the presentation of the Arnošt Lustig Award. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award did not take place this year, and instead, the sponsors were invited to contribute to the CTU.

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