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What is the purpose of  ET-LINK?

ET-LINK monitors concerns about unethical, corrupt, dangerous or hazardous conduct within the holding group, centralizes and resolves the same. It enables feedback to CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP companies’ employees and aims to resolve the respective complaints or requirements. Thereby ET-LINK improves cooperation and occupational safety, promotes legal and ethical behaviour in the Company, and serves as prevention of accidents or for regular risk assessment. It also places great emphasis on environmental protection.

Who considers the compliance concerns submitted?

Your concerns are received by ET-LINK manager, CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP’s Human Resources Department director who subsequently considers and assesses the concerns in cooperation with competent persons both within and outside the holding group. Dealing with the concerns by a top manager of the holding group guarantees fair and impartial consideration of all the concerns submitted, irrespective of their origin or content.

When will I receive a response?

The speed of the response depends on external factors such as the number of concerns handled simultaneously, their gravity, etc. You will receive a response at the latest within 1 business month after submission.

Who may raise a compliance concern?

ET-LINK is primarily intended for employees of the companies of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP; however, concerns may be raised by any person concerned with the good name of the Group.

Is submission of a concern really anonymous?

Yes, it is. Confidentiality applies namely to situations where you, for any reason whatsoever, are worried or fear sanctions for having raised the concern. Nobody will try to identify the IP address from which the e-mail was sent.   However, we do not recommend raising anonymous concerns via the recording service, as no feedback is possible in this case.

How do I find out about the outcome?

If you submitted the concern via e-mail, the response will be delivered to the address from which it was sent. If you submitted the concern by phone, the reply will be delivered to the e-mail address you specify during the phone. If required and provided you revealed your identity, the concern may be assessed in direct cooperation with you.

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