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This year, we will introduce a Tatra with alternative propulsion, says its CEO Lukáš Andrýsek

Lukáš Andrýsek became the new CEO of Tatra in April with the task of increasing production to 2,500 vehicles over several years. What would be a trivial task for a mass car manufacturer is a challenging task for the specialized Tatra, where almost every vehicle is unique. "And this number does not include CKD kits, i.e., disassembled chassis that are completed abroad," says Lukáš Andrýsek.

CSG increased profit to 7.4 billion crowns. Everyone wants weapons, not just Ukraine

The rapid growth of the arms industry has changed the world and business, says Vice Chairman of the Board of Czechoslovak Group (CSG) and its CFO David Chour. The arms and industrial group more than doubled its consolidated profit to 5.6 billion crowns year-on-year, and with the inclusion of the results of the ammunition company Fiocchi, which was included in CSG only in November, even reached a profit of 7.4 billion. After taking over Fiocchi, CSG is preparing for further acquisitions. That is one of the reasons why, according to Chour, they are preparing the historically largest bond issue.

Small caliber ammunition is a conservative business, says Fiocchi CEO David Štěpán

David Štěpán is a Czech manager who, as a member of the negotiating team, helped Czech industrialist and arms dealer Michal Strnad acquire a majority stake in the Italian arms factory Fiocchi and recently became its CEO. Fiocchi is so far the largest investment notch of the Czechoslovak Group holding. "We have acquired a new product range, with which our sales agencies, such as Excalibur International, can trade," says Fiocchi's CEO and CSG board member David Štěpán in an interview for iDNES.cz.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the employees, the hockey players got new jerseys

A unique sponsorship program that has been running at Czechoslovak Group since 2017 continues this year. Employees of the CSG holding company who are involved in organizing leisure activities and charitable activities have the opportunity to register their projects again. If they succeed, they will receive up to 20 thousand crowns. Last year, CSG’s sponsorship supported, for example, the ice hockey team of employees of the Mošnov company JOB AIR Technic, whose member is also Vojtěch Kudla, who answered questions.

An Insider's Look at the Personnel Shortage Crisis in Aviation: A Q&A with JOB AIR Technic

Today, we will delve into a timely and crucial topic that many companies are currently facing: personnel shortages. This issue has become particularly pronounced in specialized industries, such as aviation. Joining us to shed light on this topic is Lenka Vitásková, the HR Director of JOB AIR Technic (a member of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP). She will provide us with an insider's look into the personnel shortage crisis in aviation and share the strategies their company is employing to address it. It's worth noting that due to JOB AIR Technic's active recruitment and recognition that local employees are not sufficient, the company employs mechanics of various nationalities. The company has had great success in recruitment, for example, in the Philippines, and Filipinos now make up the third largest nationality working in the company.


Lord of Defense. Big interview with the new dollar billionaire Michal Strnad

The war in Ukraine has changed everything. Even the view on the arms dealers. The defense industry, as it calls itself, is growing at the fastest rate in the last decade. And together with it the Czechoslovak Group of the thirty-year-old entrepreneur Michal Strnad too. Anyone who wants to look at the weapons business with a skeptical eye should know: nowadays, there are queues at ammunition and weapons factories.

Tatra will take the power plant with it, says CSG Aerospace's vice president of development and innovation

Current technology trends are big data, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and advanced materials. All these trends also affect the development of traditional industries. CSG Holding sees the future primarily in new modern products that cannot be produced without adequate research and development activities - which is why it is now entering the Czech Head project as a general partner. "Our theory is that we work with partners to develop technological superiority. In this sense, I can mention the Tatra hydrogen-powered vehicle project or the application of artificial intelligence to sensory devices or specific information systems," says Bohuslav Přikryl, CSG Aerospace's Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation.

Goals for the future: Exploring Job Air Tehcnic’s path to success in high-value component repair

Are you curious about how Job Air Technic is planning to expand into high-value component repair? Discover the company’s path to success as we explore the CEO Vladimír Stulančák’s ambitious goals for the future in an exclusive interview. We discuss the competition in the market, the steps Job Air Technic is taking to remain competitive and innovative, and how they are balancing profitability with high-quality maintenance services. Get a behind-the-scenes look into the future of Job Air Technic (a member of the Czechoslovak Group), one of the leading maintenance companies in the European MRO sector.

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