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About us

CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is a holding enterprise promoting activities of a group of industrial and trade companies from the fields of defence and civilian industries, residing mainly in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Its strategy is to seek out new projects and to expand in perspective branches of traditional Czech and Slovak industry with a strong export potential. In relation to the partners from both private and public sectors, theCZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is a stable and reputable partner, who is generating attractive business opportunities.

The CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is a perspective employer of more than 6000 employees both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

Over time, the group was expanded to include companies operating in civil engineering and services (rail vehicle braking systems, automobile cargo transport, etc.). The portfolio includes a major share in the TATRA TRUCKS cargo truck manufacturer.

Consolidated revenues of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP exceeded 15,4 billions CZK in 2016.

CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is on of those cases where the whole is much more than mere sum of its individual parts. The CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is a reliable partner whom you can trust.