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Compliance program

For purposes of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP's anti-corruption program, the corruption is defined as a behaviour which entails an abuse of a function or status in order to secure a personal gain in a way that is inconsistent with law, rules of ethics and at the expense of organizations on behalf of which such person acts.

CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP has decided to implement an anti-corruption program, whose goals are:

a) to minimize corruption risk in the business activities of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP,
b) work preventively against corruption risks inside the company while providing products and services for the company,
c) to set an example as a significant part of Czech industry on how to act in preventing corruption and unethical behaviour.

CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP’s anti-corruption program consists of:

the Code of Ethics of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP’s employees with a special part dedicated to public contracts,
the Ethics Line that can be used by anybody to report corruptive or unethical behaviour in regard to CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP,
a set of processes and measures designed to assess the corruption risks with respect to the Group’s activities, groups of employees or specifics of individual markets where CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is present.

The anti-corruption program is mandatory for the whole holding including these companies:

  • DAKO CZ,

The anti-corruption program of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is managed in cooperation with Czech branch of Transparency International and adheres to the requirements of the „Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index“ project founded by the UK branch of Transparency International in the maximum extent possible.

The CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP’s anti-corruption program is available not just to employees of the respective companies, but is also accessible and open to public including suppliers, dealers, customers, media and public servants in the Czech Republic as well as all other markets where the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is present.

CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP supports other members of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic and other partner companies in establishing similar programs.