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EXCALIBUR ARMY AND TATRA TRUCKS introduces Morana howitzer at Eurosatory

The most important European trade fair of military technology and defence technologies Eurosatory is currently held in Paris. On the very first day, several new products were presented in the world premiere at the joint stand of the companies of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) holding and the TATRA TRUCKS car manufacturer in Kopřivnice. The greatest interest was raised undoubtedly by the new wheeled self-propelled howitzer MORANA, which is developed by the company EXCALIBUR ARMY.  The official presentation was attended by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to France Michel Fleischmann, Deputy Minister of Defence Tomáš Kopečný and President of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic Jiří Hynek.

The companies of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding and TATRA TRUCKS company will be presented at the prestigious Eurosatory 2022 trade fair in Paris

The international trade fair for defence technology and military vehicles Eurosatory 2022 will take place in Paris from 13 to 17 June after a six-year break. About 1800 manufacturers and sellers of special equipment from more than sixty countries and the companies of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding company and the TATRA TRUCKS company, which are traditional participants at this fair, will also be among them.

The United States Army bought ReTwis 5 radars from the Pardubice-based company Retia through CSG USA

The unique product of the Pardubice-based company Retia has been successfully used in the armed and security forces of the United States of America. Radar ReTwis, which makes it possible to identify the location of living organisms behind a fixed partition, is offered in the United States by CSG USA under the name POLR-1. Among the users of the radar is also the US Army, which acquired it for its special forces. Other markets with significant potential for this small portable radar are Vietnam and other countries from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

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