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The Czechoslovak Group and its member companies consistently develop ESG (environmental, social and governance) policy in several areas.


The Group's companies have long invested in energy savings, modern technologies that reduce the impact on the environment and develop products with regard to their ecological footprint.  TATRA TRUCKS is developing a heavy vehicle powered by an electric motor that consumes energy from hydrogen fuel cells. This will allow the greening of transport in the areas of mining, forestry, agriculture and, possibly, the armed and security forces. Its prototype is planned for 2022.

Support for security and rescue services

The group's companies sponsor a number of events for the public, such as NATO Days in Ostrava or the Day of the Ground Forces of the Czech Army Bahna. They also help volunteer fire brigades in the Czech Republic. Support is also directed directly to the benefit of professional rescuers. For example, TATRA TRUCKS lent firefighters several dump trucks for the removal of rubble after a tornado in South Moravia and sent a service team to Greece at its own expense to support Czech firefighters who helped with extinguishing forest fires. The group's companies are also involved in actions to support the Military Solidarity Fund, which helps Czech professional soldiers in difficult life situations.

Corporate governance

The Group operates its companies transparently and the Group provides above-standard information about the details of its management and business through annual reports and communication in the media. Employees are bound by a code of ethics and, if necessary, have an anonymous ethical hotline for reporting suggestions in cases of violation of legal or ethical rules. Within the group, there is also a program of sponsorship of non-profit activities of employees, such as sports events or children's camps.

Promotion of sport

The Group's companies support a wide range of sporting activities from athletic competitions, through professional hockey and football to motorsport. Traditionally, they sponsor, for example, the Buggyra racing team, which has been successfully participating in the Dakar Rally in the truck category for many years. Another example is the partnership with the hockey club HC Sparta.    

Help for the sick, disabled or elderly

The group is a long-time supporter of the Institute of Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion (ÚKHT) in the research of immunotherapeutic preparations for the treatment of patients with acute leukaemia. Cell therapy using cells produced from donor blood 'trained' to kill tumour cells in the patient's body is of particular interest. This can especially be used for those tumours types that are currently incurable with chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. The financial donation is intended to help speed up this important project. Cooperation with CSG is historically the first case where ÚHKT has acquired a substantial sponsorship from the private sector to support a specific project.

Other companies in the group also help the seriously sick and disabled in cooperation with non-profit organisations. Targeted assistance to employees in difficult life situations is provided in individual cases. Homes for the elderly are also supported. DAKO-CZ has specifically been a long-term contributor to the “Andělské náramky” (Angel bracelets) project for Nela Kočárníková, who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus before birth and has to undergo costly treatment. JOB AIR Technic supports the training of dogs for early detection of cancer. Furthermore, the group gifted a specially adapted vehicle to an employee after a spinal injury.                                

Promoting culture

The group's companies sponsor various concerts and festivals in the regions where they are based. Exceptional achievements in the field of culture were the renovation of the national technical monument, the Slovenská strela rail motor car, and the opening of the new Tatra Truck Museum in cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Region and other partners. 

Support for education

The group's companies are committed to promoting education in technical fields. The flagship activity is the project ´Tatra for schools´, which allows students of the field of car mechanics to assemble and put into operation the Tatra Phoenix vehicle. JOB AIR Technic supports the field of aircraft mechanic in Ostrava. Tatra also sponsors a student formula project built by students at Masaryk University in Brno.

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